Savage Mind

Objectively speaking, I evaluate as being ‘smart’. My primary cognitive fallacy is associated less with any self-aggrandized Omni’s (omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence, Omnificence) and more so with my habit of overindulging my mind by not placing restrictions on where my thought process is leading. In my case, there are two trains of thought, if you will: thought that is productive in its’ *intent* and thought that is purely mental masturbatory experience, a gyration in abstraction. It does not lead to any objective reality.

I think our mind has a nature that tends toward being quite enamored of itself. Since thinking is the fundamental nature of the mind, it will favor thinking and it will favor the formation of thoughts that feed more of the same. In this way, the mind can be seen as a cannibal of its’ own children.

Being ‘smart’ does not ensure against making stupid decisions. It’s quite possible to be stupidly smart and equally foolish.

My educated guess is that human beings that are born with inherent intellectual ability two or more standard deviations above what is considered normal average, are prone to having considerable challenges in life if they are not raised in an environment that supports their developing mind. Pointedly, ‘gifted’ children who have primary caretakers that are unable or unwilling to recognize the unique strengths and vulnerabilities of high intelligence, are more likely to be damaged in a way that may be impossible to repair. The end result being a person with superior intelligence who doesn’t know how or doesn’t want to use their abilities to optimal effect.  I suspect this would be caused by their impaired sense of belonging or feeling alien to others. Just a guess.

Speak your mind

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