Sometimes, it seems that all of us, not simply those labeled and tagged as such, are deluded. This is the optimistic explanation. The alternative conclusion is much more jaded and infers accountability. That we have no excuse to harbor under, but that we are all by nature hypocrites, self absorbed willfully dishonest finger pointers.
We condemn others for doing what we also do. We make grand claims and promises that attest to our generous desire to give to others when they need us most, if only they ask. if only we know. But those requests fall on our deaf ears. If we’re silent long enough, we reason, their need will pass or someone else will fill it.
We still take credit for those words we spoke though. We always identify with the wonderful qualities we tell others we possess. We feel entitled to believe we’re good people because of the good we say we will do even if we never actually follow through with what was said. We are shocked, resentful and hurt when any person depending on our words to be fulfilled lets us know we have disappointed or harmed them. They are so ungrateful.
Words have meanings but are rarely meaningful. What we speak is often meaningless. What we do is the only means of telling a truth. The tongue lies, actions reveal.

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