A Snowflake Like No Other

Atheists. Atheists and their cynical nihilist skepticism. Because, unlike the bulk of humanity, their analysis of the universe is unique to their having been born apparently super human in intelligence and general mental acuity. Oh, you, special, special snowflakes you are that shake your heads in exasperated resignation at we, the unwashed masses of human civilizations, past and present, that could and cannot know what it is like to be you, the masters of reason and logic and well, plain, good sense.

Of course the concept of god is an evolutionary vestigial tail concocted by billions of people throughout the course of human history that speaks nothing of what is only known by you, the fortunate compositions of genetic jackpot winnings that make your brain a futuristic George Jetson jet pack compared to our four cylinder fuel combustion hoopties.

4 thoughts on “A Snowflake Like No Other

    1. Interesting thought. My assumption in general is that zero shits are given by most anyone–whatever their ontological leaning–so your comment is an unexpected treat. Thank you for the effort! Seriously.


      1. Seemed like the least I could do considering you wrote an entire post just for the sake of sneering at atheists.


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