48 Hours Left

Maybe my chickens have come home to roost.white chicken

I tried hard, as hard as I could, to get back on my feet and hold down this studio apartment. For two months I managed to stay afloat, but, the effort I invested is paying back too little, too late.

I couldn’t pull enough income to make this month’s rent and notice was served. Now, I have minus 48 hours to pack up and leave.

So, tonight, right now, I’m getting the little I have here with me packed up into assorted bags and when I’m done cleaning up, my two birds and I will get in the car I borrowed and go find somewhere to park. We’ll be living in the car for as long as I can keep them both alive. These birds are susceptible to extreme temperature changes and stress. There will be both.

And, I will do everything I can to find more work and generate enough income to live.

But, let the record show that I did and continue doing the very best I can to survive all this. I never expected it would be easy. Maybe I didn’t realize it white chickenwould become this tough, but this is life on life’s terms and sometimes, we aren’t offered better alternatives.

So, for anyone reading this particular morose post, tonight, remember to count your blessings. Every single one of them. One day, you may be glad you put in the practice because without the ability to find something to be grateful for, it’s possible to find oneself in a position that would make the prospect of waking up another day untenable without having something to appreciate.

No matter how humble.


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